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The Sandsmart Standard Block is perfectly coated on 4 sides which can adapt to all surfaces, profiles, edges and corners. It is a universal product for all kinds of applications, combining a higher removal capacity with an optimum surface quality, available in different densities and grits to meet the specific needs of the customer. The main foam colors are grey and blue, and can be customized according to the needs of customers.


Product size: 98*69*26mm

Abrasive grit: Aluminium Oxide / Ceramic / Zirconia Aluminium Oxide / White Aluminium Oxide / Silicon Carbide

Grite Range: 36#,60#,80#,100#,120#,150#,180#,220#,280#, 320#, 400#

Package: 250pcs/carton



Soft foam blocks


Strong durable but more flexible foam. Can produce a finer finish and is more adaptable to contours, especially on shaped surfaces.


Hard foam blocks

Strong durable hard foam for more aggressive sanding, less adaptable to contours than soft foam.

product price: $0.2612
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