Sandsmart (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a UK-invested professional manufacturer of foam-based abrasive sanding products located in Shanghai, China. Our products include sanding soft pads, standard blocks, shaped blocks, EVA pads, sanding discs, and manicure items which are all available in various sizes, grains and colours.    

The main application areas of our products are electronics, automotive, woodworking, home improvement, D.I.Y., and manicure fields. They are used to remove the uneven parts of metals, woods, paints, walls, and other workpieces, and to achieve a uniform and smooth surface.       

Sandsmart Shanghai was founded in 2015 in order to better serve the rapidly expanding global market, especially the Asia and pacific regions. Our large warehousing facility based in Shanghai allows us to quickly respond to our clients needs with our U.K. manufactured products. Believing in quality, delivery and efficient communication and service, Sandsmart will continue to serve the Global market place. 



Sandsmart products are manufactured with the highest possible quality materials currently available.…

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